Services & Treatments

Advanced Technology

Our doctors offer technologically advanced services to enhance results and provide a better patient experience:

  • Specific Total Knees. Several surgeons create total knee implants specific to each patient, created by 3D printing based on the patient’s MRI.
  • MACI (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane). Dr. Massey offer MACI procedure to repair cartilage defects of the knee. With this procedure, a biopsy is collected and the patient’s cells are collected and expanded on a special membrane which is then implanted in the patient’s knee. The surgeons then trims it and shapes it to ensure the damaged cartilage is completely covered.
  • 3T MRI. The advantages of 3T MRI over 1.5T MRI include:
    • WK Portico 3T can maximize patient comfort with large bore opening and by shortening scan times.
    • 3T MRI has double the magnetic strength compared to that of a 1.5T MRI. Stronger magnetic strength translates to higher resolution images.
    • 3T MRI is ideal for imaging small bones, breast MRI, musculoskeletal MRI, neurological MRI and vascular MRI, where the minute details are especially crucial to diagnosis.
    • Studies show, imaging performed on 3T MRI in place of a 1.5T MRI, can potentially lower the amount of MRI contrast needed for select exams.

As part of the Willis-Knighton Physician Network, we are pleased to offer advanced imaging and therapy services in our building, the WK Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center. This eliminates your need to travel to other locations for these services and enables us to have direct communication with those providing the services and radiologists interpreting the results of imaging tests.